New regulation for cosmetics in the Andean Community

NOTICIA - BOGOTÁ -> 2019-02-27

On November 27, 2019 starts ruling the new regulation for cosmetics in the Andean Community countries. Here we tell you 5 of the most relevant changes that brings the Andean Decision 833 of 2018.

  1. After November 27, 2019, foreign companies/individuals will need a domicile in Colombia or in any other Andean Community country to be the owners or holders of the sanitary authorization (NSO) of their products.
  2. The holder of the Sanitary authorization (NSO) will be responsible for the quality of the product registered. This responsibility will be shared when there is an interested party covered by the same sanitarian notification (NSO). The joint liability between the holder and the manufacturer disappears for this new sanitary regulation purposes.
  3. Free Sales Certificate will no longer be required. Decision 833/2018 allows Health Agencies of the Andean Community countries to remove this requirement for imported cosmetics. INVIMA in Colombia is already implementing this change.
  4. Cosmetics cannot be marketed as equivalent to medicines. INVIMA will not accept therapeutic indications or the exaggeration of characteristics and benefits of cosmetics, either on the labels nor in their advertisement.
  5. The decision creates a unified registry system, where all the member countries will be able to find all the information related to a product. Specially the information regarding sanitary alerts and legal actions. This will simplify the control and surveillance of cosmetics in the Andean Community.
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