We are an interdisciplinary team that understands the commercial environment of its clients and effectively defends their interests in judicial or extrajudicial scenarios. Our knowledge goes beyond procedural matters, offering innovative strategies based on the client’s market objectives. All of this represents an added value to our service offer.


Strategic Prevention

Marketing and advertising campaigns

Support in marketing strategies to minimize legal risks and strengthen brand/trademark objectives.

Infringement of Intellectual property rights

Monitoring of physical and digital channels to detect violations in trademarks, patents and copyrights.

Competition law

Counseling in unfair competition and restrictive business practices (antitrust).

Consumer Law

Strategy and counseling for compliance with consumer law regulations.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Negotiations and Mediation

Efficient arrangement formulas to solve conflicts before going to court

Settlement Hearings

Our professionals, trained in settlement matters, optimize this mechanism to benefit the interests of our clients

Settlement Agreements

We negotiate friendly, fast and efficient agreements to solve your disputes out of court


Civil & Commercial

Design of strategies aiming to succeed in litigation of intellectual property, unfair competition, contractual or extra-contractual matters

Criminal proceedings in economic and business law

Representation of victims and safeguarding of patrimonial rights affected by the commission of crimes.

Administrative Litigation

Specialized knowledge in public law controversies

Public Actions (Mandamus, Class, and Popular Actions)

Protection of individual, collective and business rights through actions for the enforcement of fundamental rights, as well as group and popular actions

National and International Arbitration

State or private

Border Measures

Protection of intangible assets from the damage generated by the importation of counterfeit products; implementation of anti-counterfeiting mechanisms

Notice & Take Down of Digital Content

Counseling in the optimal use of social media networks and e-commerce platforms, to preserve the reputation of your trademark and its commercial value

Administrative Sanctions Processes

Restrictive Competition Practices (Antitrust)

Design of strategies for the development of an effective defense of our clients

Legal Metrology

With our knowledge in quality and technical norms, we can offer alternatives to adjust our clients’ activities to applicable regulations of each sector


Extensive experience in ideal mechanisms to achieve legal certainty and compliance with consumer protection standards

Antibribery (Anticorruption)

For failure to adopt business ethics programs by companies required to do so