Technological advances, changing business models and the evolution of the workforce are transforming the global economy. Business leaders and entrepreneurs must adopt innovation to remain competitive in a constantly developing environment.


Innovation is an effective tool that allows companies to tackle increasingly difficult challenges, in a highly competitive and demanding global economic environment. We provide services that allow you to strengthen innovation in your company:


We have developed a support program for companies and entrepreneurs from all sectors to profit from an innovation management system.

Innovation Strategy

We advise our clients in aligning innovation management with their corporate strategy.

Innovation Culture

With our support, companies will be able to break paradigms and incorporate tools, experiences, habits and values that build a culture of innovation.

Identifying Opportunities

We teach companies to identify their opportunities to generate continuous improvements or new business models in their organizations.

Idea Management

We create spaces that strengthen creativity in companies, and we teach how to manage the best ideas from both internal and external sources.

Innovation Projects

We advise on management of research portfolios, development and innovation projects (R+D+i) and train companies in their development.

Tools to strengthen management

Technological Surveillance

We collect, classify, analyze and deliver detailed technological information in any area of knowledge, and transform it into effective inputs for decision making. We have access to more than 85% of humanity’s technological knowledge.

Knowledge Protection

We advise on the valuation, protection and exploitation of intangible assets, to turn knowledge into a real asset that improves the company’s competitiveness.


We have built alliances with public and private entities and educational institutions to jointly search for solutions that promote the development of organizations and the solution of common problems. We advise on and accompany the design of open innovation strategies.