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International Bar Association (IBA)

Founded in 1947, the International Bar Association is the world’s leading organization of professionals and associations in the legal sector.


The Association of Trademark and Model Rights Professionals. With almost 30 years of experience, it brings together Industrial and Intellectual Property experts from around the world.


The Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI) is a non-profit organization founded in 1964, with the aim of bringing together and networking professionals interested in studying, disseminating and developing intellectual property laws in America.

International Trademark Association

Founded in 1878, the International Trademark Association is an association dedicated to the support and advancement of intellectual property in the world.


The American Intellectual Property Law Association is an association of lawyers, mainly in private and corporate practice, government services and the academic community, with approximately 14,000 members.


The Organization for an International Geographical Indications Network is an NGO seeks more effective legal protection of geographical indicators, and their promotion as an instrument of sustainable development.

International Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1919, it is the world’s leading organization in promoting the strengthening of commercial ties between nations.


ANDI Legal Services Chamber

The ANDI Legal Services Chamber groups independent law firms in Colombia to promote an efficient application of the law and the operation of legal institutions.

ANDI – Antioquia Sectional Office

As an important business association, it seeks to promote the necessary conditions to increase competitiveness and sustainable progress in the region.

ANDI – Barranquilla Sectional Office

The ANDI (Barranquilla Office) arose from the need for representation and guidance in that city in order to promote industrial development and, at the same time, to “disseminate and maintain the political, economic and social principles of a healthy free enterprise system.”

Colombian Intellectual Property Association

A private, non-profit organization that oversees the development of Intellectual Property Law and related areas in Colombia.

Bogotá Chamber of Commerce

A private, non-profit organization that aims to build a long-term sustainable Bogotá region, promoting the increase of prosperity for its inhabitants, based on services that support entrepreneurial skills.


German-Colombian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

It supports both German and Colombian companies in fostering commercial relations between these countries.

Colombian-American Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1955, it brings together the private sectors of Colombia and the United States and promotes trade and investment between the two countries.

French-Colombian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

: Founded in 1917, it contributes to the development of commercial relations between Colombia and France.